Light, Llc Consulting Services

"If you think education is expensive, try ignorance"              Derek Bok

Organizational Capacity Building - you know your business better than anyone.  You have set a vision and established your mission and you know how to deliver your "product."  But many organizations are so busy doing their work that they often fall into established patterns or roles for doing work and lose track of how all of the various pieces work together to serve the mission.  A learning enterprise model provides your business or organization with a visual tool that shows your existing systems, their points of overlap, and their outputs compared to your stated mission and goals.  With this information you can see clear opportunities for improved efficiency in executing your mission.  This tool also provides the opportunity to evaluate your organization against anticipated or possible future conditions and help develop a strategy for effectively managing transition.

Through our service, we can lead your organization in any or all of these specific business development areas:

    • Community/Stakeholder Needs Assessment
    • Strategic Planning
    • Organizational Evaluation
    • Program Evaluation
    • Organizational Needs Assessment
    • Facility Master Planning
    • Major Changes in Program Direction
    • Joint Project or Collaboration

We will work with non-profit organizations to identify potential grants and assist with application materials.

Facility Planning and Design - once your needs are clearly identified, Light, Llc can put it's fifteen plus years of architectural design and project manangement experience to work, leading a team of talented partners to imagine and realize your organization's vision for the future.   We have the expertise to provide you with:

    • Feasibility Studies
    • Architecture and Engineering Design Services
    • Owner's Representation During Construction
    • Facility Management Planning

We can assist you with cost evaluation, and provide information support during financing and fundraising.